About ECOCredGT

The ECOCredGT project has the following General Objective (GO): “to build capacities in Vocational Education and Training Institutions (VETs) towards a digital credentials ecosystem that can have a positive impact on promoting employability”. ECOCredGT was conceived with the idea of providing a validated model that is easily adaptable and replicable by the VETs for a successful Digital Transformation. It is undeniable that digital credentials will become fundamental pillars for skills recognition and have great potential to revolutionize and reactivate the labor market and promote employability. Therefore, the VETs must anticipate and explore the different ecosystems that allow facilitating the participation of all stakeholders. To this end, ECOCredGT will establish a validated and replicable model of national digital credential issuance centers in Latin America, taking as a reference the national digital credential issuance center that will be created as part of ECOCredGT in Guatemala.

Cross-cutting Objectives:

  • Contribute to building capacities in the VETs towards digital transformation.
  • Develop a replicable model of a digital credential issuance center for other VETs.
  • Manage pilot projects for vocational and professional training micro-courses that promote employability, issuing the corresponding digital credentials for these micro-courses.
  • Create a link between the VETs and society, through a process of raising awareness of the importance of digital credentials and updating the training plans of professionals to face the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Create an observatory of digital credential issuance centers that allows generating a community to share best practices, success stories, and training in the region.

The aforementioned aligns with the educational plans of the region, the external action of the European Union, and its strategy for the internationalization of education in VETs, as well as the ERASMUS+ program.