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Work visit to Fundación Kinal in Guatemala

As part of the ECOCredGT project framework, collaborative visits have been made between Universidad Galileo and Fundación Kinal. The sessions have begun with diagnostic work and preparation of the activities that will be carried out in the development of the project.

Fundación Kinal is a private, non-profit educational center whose mission is “To educate young people and adults through comprehensive education, with an emphasis on technical areas and their work, family, and society.” Its educational offering provides a path from the age of 12 to a higher technical university degree.

A notable example in the field of Vocational Training is the “Technical Experts” program. The technical and academic programs are worked with young people between 16 and 20 years old to lead them to perform a qualified task in some technical specialty lasting three years. At the end of the three years, the young person is qualified to work in the technical branch of the specialty they chose to study; the degree obtained will allow them to enter university.

Visit by Dr. Miguel Morales from Universidad Galileo along with the management staff of Fundación Kinal, led by Mr. Eduardo Véliz.
Dr. Héctor Amado along with Mr. Eduardo Véliz at the Fundación Kinal facilities and the PACE vocational training program.
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